You were prepared to catch your Aer Lingus flight, but a situation suddenly occurred, and you had to change your booking. Are you worried? Don’t be. Count on the Aer Lingus Change Flight approach, which helps you modify your reservation according to your convenience and requirements.

The airline knows that plan changes are common. That’s why it has designed its flight change policy in the best interest of its passengers, giving them flexibility with travel plans. Moreover, a flight change with Aer Lingus is easy. You can change your trip or upgrade it.

Now, walk through the following quick guide to know more about changing bookings with this airline.

How Can I Change the Aer Lingus Flight?

For changing Aer Lingus flights, select online and offline methods with ease. Here are both the methods -

Aer Lingus Change Flight Online

  • Visit the official Aer Lingus website.
  • Click the Manage booking tab.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference number.
  • Alternatively, sign in with Aer Lingus or AerClub account.
  • Find the booking that you have to change.
  • Choose the change or edit option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Review the details and submit.
  • Pay charges, if/as applicable.

The airline emails you the confirmation.

Aer Lingus Change Flight Offline

You can also change your booking by -

  • Visiting the airport ticket counter and talking to the agent for the flight change.
  • Calling the airline’s Customer Helpdesk Number. Here are some of the Aer Lingus change flight contact numbers for your reference -
    • USA/Canada: (800) 474-7424
    • Ireland: (01) 761 7834
    • The United Kingdom: 0333 004 5000

What is Aer Lingus Change Flight Policy?

Before changing your booking with the airline, check the rules about it. So, here are Aer Lingus change flight policy highlights -

  • You can avoid any flight change fees by changing it within 24 hours of booking. But the airline charges a fee if you don’t change within this risk-free period.Bookings made directly with Aer Lingus, allow you to change flight dates, times, and destinations. You can upgrade your fare through the Manage Trip.
  • You can change your trip up to two hours before the flight’s departure.
  • No refund/travel credit for the new booking that is cheaper than the original one.
  • Call the airline to change the booking date made with its Reservations Team or partner airlines.
  • You can make changes only from the same origin country.  Complete trips within a year of the original purchase date.
  • The 'Upgrade Yourself' product is non-transferable and non-refundable for voluntary itinerary changes.

Changes for Flights within Europe

  • With Saver or Plus Fares, you can change an Aer Lingus flight for a cost per customer and per flight. You also have to pay the difference between the original price paid and the price available while changing the reservation.
  • Moreover, you must pay for every change that includes a fare type upgrade with an applicable fare difference.
  • There are no change fees for Advantage or AerSpace Fares. The airline has waived the missed departure fee for changes when you check in (only on the departure day).

Changes for Transatlantic Flights

  • Each passenger must pay a fee for Aer Lingus change of flight with Saver fares. The fee is in addition to the charges paid and the cost availability during the modification process.
  • The change fee and fare difference apply to all changes with your upgrade.
  • Smart, Flex, Business, and Business Flex fares are exempt from change fees. However, a fare difference might apply.
  • For changes at the check-in desk, the airline doesn’t charge you for a missed departure fee (as per the fare type on the day of departure only).
  • With Business and Business Flex fares, you can change flight dates, routes, and times with Aer Lingus on availability. The fare difference between the price paid and the cost available during the reservation process applies.

Please note

  • Contact the agent for changes if your booking was made through a third party.
  • Your travel extras purchased from the airline are not transferred to your new booking and must be rebooked.

What is Aer Lingus Change Flight Fee?

The charges for changing your flight fluctuate. The Aer Lingus change flight fee is for each passenger per flight where applicable. Valid on Aer Lingus-operated flights, the cost depends on various factors such as the request time, fare type, and destination airport.

Moreover, the airline charges differently for European and Transatlantic flights. Go through the following table to learn about the fee for changing booking -

Flights within Europe

Change Fees (For changes to Date / Itinerary / Route / Fare Type)$ USD/CAD€ EUR£ GBP
Change fee - Paid online604035
Change fee - Paid via the Guest Services Centre or at the airport805040

Transatlantic Flights

Change Fees $ USD/CAD€ EUR£ GBP
Change fee - Paid online15010090
Change fee - Paid to the Guest Services Centre or at the Airport210140120


Bottom Line

Therefore, Aer Lingus Change Flight is quick and simple. Make sure to follow the guidelines for a streamlined experience. This also helps you skip any flight change fees.

Change your booking easily, whether online or offline, and avoid any hassle. For more information, contact the globeflytrips experts. So, don’t worry if you have to change your flight booking with the airline. Its customer-friendly approach makes the process a breeze for you.