Baggage restriction may play a major setback or spoiler while planning a flight journey. Many airlines impose multiple limits; however, if you are planning or have booked tickets with American Airlines, you are safe. The American Airlines Baggage Policy offers more flexibility to the passenger to select appropriate luggage as per their requirement. Passengers can carry up to ten pieces of baggage with American Airlines, which is more than sufficient for a larger section of the population. Learn about the baggage restrictions in depth to protect yourself from last-minute hassle.

What defines American Airlines Baggage Allowance?

American Airlines Baggage Policy is a set of rules inclined by the airline to process passenger belongings with more security. When you are well acquainted with the policy, you get the chance to enjoy peace as you have full control of your baggage. The airline allows you to carry up to three checked baggage along with one personal and one carry-on baggage for free, depending on the fare type they hold.

Is my booking eligible for a free baggage allowance with American Airlines?

American Airlines does allow passengers to carry up to three checked bags, one personal item, and one carry-on bag free of charge. However, you must be holding Flagship® First Transcontinental, Flagship® First International, or Flagship® Business Plus fare.

The airline also adds more flexibility to membership holders or loyalty flyers. Passengers occupying AAdvantage Platinum Pro® status, AAdvantage Executive Platinum® status, or oneworld® Emerald membership and flying in Flagship® First are eligible to carry forth checked baggage for free.

The number of checked bags you can carry will vary depending on the country you are planning to fly to. However, as per the American Airlines Baggage Allowance, active military personnel flying within the occupied itinerary can carry three checked bags for free.

Learn about American Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The American Airlines Baggage Policy for carry-on items slightly differs from the conventional one. The airline allows passengers to carry one person as well as one carry-on item for free. Depending on the nature of the fare they hold, the weight and size of the bag may differ. Passengers traveling with a baby can carry one additional item, such as a diaper, walker, breast pump, mobility device, or small handbag (on specific flights).

  • Size restrictions for carry-on bag: need to be within 22 x 14 x 9 inches, including handles and wheels
  • Size restrictions for personal items: need to be within 18 x 14 x 8 inches

The airline does not charge any fees for carry-on baggage on most routes; however, the rule may change, contact American Airlines for exact information.

How many checked bags does American Airlines allow on International Flights?

American Airlines allows one free checked bag for economy class passengers traveling on international flights under its baggage policy. The airline has set restrictions on the maximum size to 62 inches and a weight limit of 23 kg for each checked baggage. However, the baggage allowance will vary depending on your fare class, route, frequent flyer status, time of request, occupation, and various other factors. Please check with American Airlines to confirm the baggage allowance for your specific itinerary.

With some fare categories, card holdings, and premium membership status, passengers are eligible for up to four free checked bags. Once the passenger wants to carry more baggage, they need to pay American Airlines Baggage fees. For most international flights, economy cabin passengers are allowed to check one bag for free in accordance with the 62-inch dimensions limit and 23 kg weight limit per bag.

The American Airlines Baggage Policy offers passengers a great deal of flexibility and makes their journey more comfortable. With the option to carry up to ten pieces of baggage and various allowances based on fare type, loyalty status, and destination, the airline aims to provide a hassle-free travel experience to all its passengers.

How much does American Airlines charge for baggage outside the free limits?

American Airlines charges for baggage outside the free limits vary depending on the route, fare type, and other factors. For domestic flights, the airline charges USD 30 for the first checked bag and USD 40 for the second checked bag. A second bag will cost an additional USD 35 or more, and beyond this, they will cost you up to USD 200 or more per bag. Speak to the agent for more clarification on American Airlines International Baggage Fees.

What ways are accepted by American Airlines to purchase extra baggage?

For every flight booking made by American Airlines, you can add extra luggage to the existing free baggage allowance. You can purchase additional baggage in two official ways.


AA Website

  • Skip the queue and browse the AA official website.
  • On the homepage, tap on the Manage My Trip tab.
  • Enter booking details and select your reservation.
  • Add the weight and number of bags you need.
  • Review input.
  • Pay attention to the American Airlines Baggage allowance clause.
  • Make payment with available modes.

AA Mobile App

  • Launch the app to select the My Trip option.
  • Enter the family name with the booking confirmation code and hit the search tab.
  • Select your reservation from the available dropdown.
  • Add bags as per your requirements.
  • Review input and pay the American Airlines Baggage fees.


At the reservation or customer service center

  • The airline allows you to add a bag at the official center.
  • Reach the dedicated counter.
  • Ask the agent to add extra baggage to your existing cart.
  • The agent will review the American Airlines Baggage policy for your booking and ask you to make the payment.
  • Once you make the final payment, you will secure your confirmation by mail.

At the check-in desk

  • Reach the check-in counter.
  • Complete the security check-in process.
  • Select bags as per your requirement.
  • Pay applicable fees to save your booking.

Special Consideration

  • The online process will save you service costs.
  • You may need to pay more if you are making an extra baggage purchase at the check-in counter.

What is American Airlines Luggage Delivery Service?

To save you time and effort, American Airlines is offering a luggage delivery service in which you do not need to be physically present at the arrival gate or baggage claim area. The official representative will hand over your belongings to you. For this, you will need to execute these discussed steps:

  • Sign up for bag delivery service. Be quick, as the request needs to be made at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Reach the departure airport. Check your luggage at the check-in gate.
  • The agent will ink a special code on the bag tag for identification.
  • Luxury delivery service representatives will use the printed tag to deliver luggage to your final destination within 6 hours of arrival.

The luxury luggage delivery service is available within 100 miles of the airport. Speak to American Airlines customer service for better insights on this topic. As the airline and its service have the authority to make changes at any moment, speaking to the team directly will help you enjoy peace of mind.


Your worries related to baggage are solved by American Airlines through its policy. Passengers are allowed to carry as many as four checked baggage for free. Once you exceed the complimentary baggage allowance, you can add up to 6 more checked baggage based on destination, fare type, and membership tier. The airline has assigned much flexibility in its baggage policy to make your journey a velvety hook. So, whenever you plan your next trip, plan with American Airlines, as they are one of the few airlines that believe that “passengers need a flight journey with the freedom to choose the best.”

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