Have you booked your next trip with American Airlines? Great choice! Make sure to pick your preferred seats onboard to enhance your overall trip delight. Count on American Airlines Seat Selection approach to grab seats.

With the flexible approach to choosing your seats, the airline has made the experience simple and quick for you. Moreover, pick seats in advance to be assured of getting your favorite ones. Now, go through the piece of writing that follows and get more information on choosing AA seats for a remarkable journey.

What is The American Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

If you are planning to choose seats on AA flights, know its guidelines. So, here are American Airline Seat Selection policy highlights to give you an idea:

  • You have to pay for seat selection.
  • Your travel class and destination determine the cost of selecting a seat.
  • pay cancellation charges if you have to cancel the selected seats.
  • The airline allows you to choose seats at check-in.

To know more, contact the customer service team of the airline.

How to Select Seats With American Airlines?

To know how to make an AA Seat Selection, use the online or offline method at your ease. Let’s look into both methods one by one.

Online Method

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Search for a suitable flight.
  • Enter the details in the fields required such as your -
    • Destination
    • Cabin class
  • Select a seat from the seat map.
  • Provide the required information.
  • Pay for the seat.

Offline Method

  • Dial 800-433-7300.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • A live representative gets in touch.
  • Request a seat selection.
  • Share your booking details.
  • The agent will book seats as per your preference.
  • Complete the payment.

Does American Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, you have to pay to get seats of your choice on AA flights.

The American Airlines Seat Selection Fee ranges from $9 to $10 each way for the economy.

If you want to opt for premium seating such as Main Cabin Extra seats, be prepared to pay more. As these seats offer extra legroom, they cost more. To know about the costs of choosing specific seats, get in touch with the AA customer service team.

Please note

Seat selection charges vary as per your ticket type and the destination.

How to Get Free Seats on AA Flights?

To get free seats with the airline, keep the following in mind -

Be an AAdvantage Member

You can avoid American Airlines Seat Selection Costs if you have an AAdvantage membership. The airline exempts its membership holders from paying fees for choosing seats.

Wait for AA to Assign Seats

Skip choosing seats beforehand and get free seat assignments on American Airlines during check-in. However, this random seat allocation might make you sit away from your travel companion.

Can I Change My American Airline Seat Selection for Free?

Yes, you can change seats selected within 24 hours of American Airlines booking for free. If you change your seat on the same flight and get another one at lower rates or for free, you won’t get a refund on paid seats booked initially. The airline has the rights to assign or reassign a Main Cabin Extra or a Preferred seat for operational and safety reasons.

What are Preferred Seats on AA?

Preferred seats in the AA main cabin have extra legroom and are spacious for more comfort. Pay extra for your favorite seat selection on American Airlines flights. Frequent flyers as well as Elite status members of the airline get complimentary seats.

Can I Upgrade to An AA Economy Seat?

Yes, American Airlines allows an economy Seat upgrade to the next cabin class. Simply remember that an economy class upgrade depends on the aircraft and destination.

  • A 3-cabin aircraft - Upgrade from Economy or Premium Economy to Business
  • A 2-cabin aircraft - Upgrade from Economy to First (domestic routes) or from Economy to Business (short-haul international flights)

How Much to Pay for an Upgrade on American Airlines?

An American Airlines seat upgrade cost depends on your fare class. The airline might demand you to pay in both miles and cash for an upgrade. Check with AA about the cash and miles combination that you must pay to get an upgrade to the next travel class.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, American Airlines Seat Selection enables you to fly on your favorite seats and sit with your travel companions. Thereby, the airline provides you with a comfortable and convenient journey.

For a seamless experience, follow the airline’s guidelines for choosing seats. Also, learn the fees to pay for selecting seats and getting an upgrade. With the customer-friendly approach of the airline for choosing seats, you will have a hassle-free trip. So, choose your favorite seats on AA flights and get those booked today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does American Airlines cost for seat selection?

Your AA seat selection cost is decided by seat type & destination. An economy middle seat starts at $9. Fee increases for aisle, window, & extra legroom seats.

Can I avoid American Airlines seat selection fees?

Yes, AAdvantage members get complimentary seats. Also, AA assigns free random seats at check-in.