Yes. Sun Country allows you to make changes to the scheduled itinerary. The airline provides a flight change provision that outlines the necessary steps to modify your flight. The Sun Country change flight Policy encompasses all aspects, including change fees for altering your flight along with exemptions or waivers based on your fare type or the reason for schedule changes. Acknowledging the potential unexpected changes in plans, the airline has introduced a flexible change flight policy to meet the requirements of its loyal travelers. While the airline promotes low-cost fares, it prioritizes passengers' peace of mind by allowing changes till the date of departure. Providing flexibility for adjusting flights when plans change, applicable to all ticket types and destinations, will enable passengers to get the required changes quite comfortably.

What is The Sun Country Flight Change Policy?

Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost airline that flies to various places around the world, aiming to make travel easy and affordable. The airline also offers one class of service with no assigned seats, checked bags, or in-flight entertainment, helping passengers who are traveling the world with a tight budget. On some routes, they provide complimentary beverages, and you can pay extra for priority boarding and choosing your seat. Sun Country has a change flight policy, which is a set of rules for when you want to change your scheduled flight.

Free Clause on Flight Change Policy

Change your Sun Country flight for free by requesting changes at least 60 or more days before departure. You can change your flight up to 24 hours before it leaves, but there's a small fee based on fare category and flight routes. You can change your flight online, by phone, or at the airport. The cost depends on two things: a flat fee and any difference in ticket price. There are some exceptions, like changing your flight on the same day for a lower cost or if there's bad weather. Make sure to check free clauses before changing your flight. The Sun Country Airlines change flight provision states that passengers can rebook for 60 or more days or request a full refund if they do not want to use the booked tickets.

Which clauses may not apply to Sun Country flight change costs under the flight change regulation?

The Sun Country Airlines flight change policy is subject to certain exclusions and exemptions, which are contingent upon the specific conditions and situations. Here are a few exclusions and waivers

  • Sun Country Airlines has the right to review each situation on its own and to reject any requests for changes. Passengers experiencing schedule adjustments need to notify the airline in advance.
  • The airline waives the change fee and fare difference for passengers with medical emergencies. They need to submit valid documents such as health certificates to enjoy free change service.
  • Passengers traveling from Canada can change their flight schedule by paying Sun Country Airlines Flight Change Fees based on the number of days left from their departure date.

How to Change Flights with Sun Country?

Sun Country Airlines recognizes that travelers often encounter situations where they need to modify their travel arrangements. To cater to its passengers' diverse needs, the airline provides three user-friendly options for making flight changes via online channels, over the phone, and at the airport. You have full freedom to choose the method that suits your preference and comfort.

Online Method

  • Travelers can conveniently manage their bookings and make flight changes through the Sun Country Airlines website and mobile app.
  • By logging into their account, passengers gain access to their itinerary and can easily select the flight they wish to modify.
  • The online platform allows passengers to navigate the process seamlessly from any location with internet access.
  • You will need to pay Sun Country Flight Change fees depending on fare types and flight routes. The airline aims to ensure that passengers can easily manage their travel arrangements according to various circumstances.

Over the Phone Method

  • For those who prefer personalized assistance, the airline offers a dedicated customer service hotline.
  • Passengers can simply call on the Sun Country Airlines customer service phone number and speak with the available representative.
  • To initiate flight changes, simply provide your booking details and request assistance over the phone.
  • The customer service agent will make every effort to accommodate your specific needs and preferences by offering personalized assistance tailored to your situation.
  • You can employ them to adjust your travel dates, upgrade your seat, or make any other modifications; the dedicated staff will guide you through the process with attention to detail.
  • Pay all applicable charges along with Sun Country Change Flight fees and other taxes from the available modes.

Airport Method

  • Passengers find convenience and peace of mind when seeking in-person assistance for unexpected changes to their travel plans.
  • The personalized interaction guarantees immediate attention and guidance, resulting in a smoother resolution of their travel-related concerns.
  • In some instances, you may need to pay service fees along with other relevant charges based on the Sun Country Flight Change policy.

How much does it cost to change flights with Sun Country Airlines? 

For a change request made between 59 days to 14 days before departure

Sun Country charges a fixed fee of USD 49 or more plus taxes per person for each part of your flight that you want to change. 

For a flight change request made between 13 days before departure and the date of departure

The Flight Change Provision of Sun Country Airlines specifies that if you're changing your flight trip, the total fee will be USD 99 or more, plus taxes per segment per person.

Apart from the change fee, you may be required to pay the difference in fares between your original and new changes. If the new fare is higher, you'll need to spend that extra amount; however, if the new fare is lower, unfortunately, you won't get any money back.

Change Fees for Flight Change for flights out from Canada

60+ Days59 days to 14 days13 days to 0 days
Free ChangeUSD 40.95USD 82.95

Does the Sun Country charge to change flights?

Yes. Sun Country charges change fees if you fail to satisfy the clause mentioned in the flight change policy. The airline charges USD 49 to USD 99, depending on the number of days left to depart, the reason for the change, the flight source city, the departure airport, and the fare type you hold.

Wrapping Up

You can use the Sun Country Flight Change Provision to make certain changes for free or by paying a small fee based on the change type, flight routes, and fare class you own. The change fee must be paid before the change request is processed. Sun Country does not accept any requests for changes after the ticket has been issued. Some changes may require approval before being processed by the airline. Changes will only be accepted if you submit all supportive documents along with the booking confirmation code.