cancellation-policy What is JetBlue's Cancellation Policy?

Do you prefer booking a flight trip knowing that the airline will cover you if your plans are canceled? The best choice is JetBlue. With the flexible JetBlue Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your booking easily and get refunds (in most cases).

The airline makes sure to avoid surprises, but when things don’t go as planned, it invests its best efforts so that you have peace of mind. If your travel plans might change or cancel, don’t book with a Blue Basic fare. So, before finalizing your next trip, scroll down to learn about flight cancellation with the airline.

What is The Cancellation Policy for JetBlue Airlines?

If you have to cancel your trip with the airline, know its rules. So, here are the major points of Jetblue Airlines Cancellation Policy to give you an overview -

  • There are no cancelation charges on most fares, except Blue Basic.
  • You can cancel refundable tickets until the departure time for a full refund.
  • On non-refundable tickets, you must pay the cancellation fee with fare difference, as applicable. The airline issues the remaining amount as a travel credit. You can use these credits for future bookings within its validity period which is one year from the issue date.

Does Jetblue Have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, JetBlue has a smart cancellation policy 24 hours for canceling all ticket types. It enables you to cancel your booking without any charges and even get a refund. However, you must keep in mind that -

  • Bookings should be canceled within 24 hours of making to avoid any penalty.
  • Your scheduled flight must be after 7 days or more.

JetBlue Cancelation Due to Illness or Death

The airline considers health conditions or a death in the family of a ticket holder for cancelation and refund. It is important to submit valid documents regarding illness or death.

You will get a refund to the original payment method.

JetBlue Flight Cancelation Because of Bad Weather

In certain circumstances, the airline can’t take charge of its flight schedule. At times weather disruptions result in flight cancelations or delays. So, Jetblue allows free booking cancellation and refunds the amount.

You are exempted from paying cancellation charges. However, cancellations because of bad weather don’t facilitate you to go for a rebooking.

How to Cancel a JetBlue Booking?

To cancel your flight tickets, follow the steps mentioned below -

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue.
  • Click “Manage Trips”.
  • Add your details required -
  • Last name
  • Confirmation code or ticket number
  • Hit the  “Continue” button.
  • Access your booking.
  • Click the “Cancel Flight” option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with cancelation.

Alternatively, you can call the airline’s customer service team to cancel your trip or chat through its website.

What is the JetBlue Flight Cancellation Fee?

JetBlue charges you fees to cancel a flight as per its policy. Here, take a look at the JetBlue booking cancellation fee -

  • Blue Basic -
    • $100 per person (North America, Central America, Caribbean)
    • $200 per person (other routes)
  • You need not pay cancellation fees for Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. Check if you have to pay the difference in airfare.

What if JetBlue Cancels My Flight?

You can stay relaxed if JetBlue Airways cancels a booking, thanks to its cancellation policy that covers you well. Your options are -

  • Rebook your trip without a fee.
  • Get a JetBlue travel credit.
  • Refund to the original payment form if your flight can’t be rebooked within 2 hours.
  • Flights cancelled within 4 hours of scheduled departure get compensation.

Please note

Check your reservation in the JetBlue mobile app or the 'Manage Trips' tool.

Does JetBlue Gives Compensation for Cancelling Flights?

Yes, as per the JetBlue flight cancellation policy, the airline compensates you for flights that have to be canceled. Scroll down to know more.

  • For bookings made with the airline - For flights eligible for compensation, the airline emails you within seven days of its departure.
  • For reservations not made with the airline directly - The airline might not have your contact details. So, contact its customer service team within at least 7 days after your flight's scheduled departure and ask about any compensation that you can get.

The compensation provided -

Compensation AmountCancellation announcement timing 
$100 After scheduled departure
$50 Within 4 hours of flight


In Conclusion

So, cancel your trip worry-free if an unavoidable situation comes up. With the customer-friendly JetBlue Cancellation Policy, you have a streamlined approach.

Although the airline makes sure to keep up with its scheduled flights, the unexpected and things beyond control can occur anytime. That’s why cancelations are a breeze and usually, you don’t have to pay fees.

For any detailed information, the airline’s customer service team is just a call away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How late can I cancel JetBlue?

Cancel up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure for a full refund. For cancellations within 24 hours of departure, hefty cancellation fees are charged.