Travel plans can be as unpredictable as the weather, and due to certain circumstances, you may need to change your flight schedule. Delta Airlines understands such concerns and accommodates your worries through its Change policy. Whether it's a sudden change in schedule, unforeseen circumstances, or a shift in priorities, with the Delta change flight policy, you can safeguard your resources wisely. However, your booking may be entitled to change flight fees.

What are the ways available to change flights with Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines understands that flexibility is key for passengers. To cater to diverse needs, the airline provides multiple options for changing flights, ensuring passengers can choose the method most convenient for them.

Via Online Portals

  • To initiate the Change process for your Delta Airlines flight, you can either visit the airline's official website or utilize the mobile app for a convenient experience.
  • Begin by logging into your account and proceed to the "My Trips" section, where you'll find a comprehensive overview of your booked flights. 
  • Select the desired flight that you wish to change and carefully follow the on-screen instructions for requesting a refund.
  • As you progress through the change process, the system will transparently display any applicable Change fees associated with your fare category and flight types.
  • Delta Flight Change Fees will be clearly outlined and deducted from the booking value, providing you with a detailed breakdown.
  • Once the change is successfully processed, the system will generate a confirmation along with new e-tickets on your registered IDs.
  • Expect to receive this confirmation directly in your registered email, and save it for future use.

Via Offline Portals

  • If you prefer the human touch and want assistance in changing your flight, reach out to Delta Airlines Customer Service.
  • You can connect with the team by visiting an authorized help desk or customer service number based on your location.
  • Listen to IVR commands, and when you reach the team, be ready to provide your booking credentials.
  • The shared information enables the agent to retrieve your reservation details efficiently. The agent will initiate the Delta Flight Change request on your behalf, taking into account the specific clauses associated with your booking.
  • Please review applicable charges, including Delta Airlines Change fees, which will be deducted from the total booking value.
  • The personalized approach ensures that your change request is made quite comfortably. Once you make all applicable payments, you will receive email confirmation mail with new e-tickets.
  • For future reference, save the mail and use your new e-tickets to board your flight.

How to avoid Delta flight change fees?

Delta prioritizes customer satisfaction and seeks to offer a smooth and enjoyable travel experience by providing a risk-free change period. With the Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy, the airline has taken various creative measures that respect the dynamic nature of travel arrangements and cover all types of flight changes. You do not need to pay any fees if the changes are made within the risk-free period.

The airline enables passengers to make fee-free adjustments to their scheduled itinerary within 24 hours after booking, as long as the flight booking is made at least seven or more days before the scheduled departure. The 24-hour free change clause of Delta Flight Change Policy, also known as a risk-free window, provides a safety net for unexpected changes.

Can you change your flight to Delta?

Yes. You can change your Delta Flight with any fare type. Understanding the changing policy requires diving into the details of various fare categories. The airline classifies tickets into several categories, each with its own set of regulations; with basic fare tickets, you might not be allowed to make changes to the scheduled itinerary.  Let's discover the change policy of Delta Flights and make quick adjustments:

Delta Change Flight provisions based on fare categories

Changes will be calculated based on ticket holding. If you hold refundable fare tickets, you do not need to make payment for any changes. However, the number of changes and types of changes will differ based on flying country, fare class, and requesting mode.


  • Passengers traveling with non-refundable fare types do not qualify for change on most flight routes. They need to make new bookings. However, depending on where you are flying, you may get access to free change even with non-refundable tickets.
  • According to the Delta Flight Change Policy, if a flight originates within the 50 eligible destinations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, no change fee is imposed on the passenger account.
  • Basic Economy tickets flying from the Caribbean countries will need to pay Delta Change Flight fees based on the final destination and booking mode.


  • All refundable tickets do not incur change charges; however, if your booking is not eligible, you will need to pay a specific amount based on factors like timing, mode, and destination.
  • Delta Comfort+ fares often provide more flexibility than other fare types. They are allowed to make changes with no charge fees.
  • Passengers in First Class and Delta One fare enjoy more lenient Change policies, with the possibility of waived fees.

Change clause for Same Day Request

The timing of change requests plays a significant role in determining charges. Last-minute changes are more expensive, and some fare types may not permit changes on the same day of departure. According to the Delta Same-Day Flight Change policy, the airline will not entertain change or modification requests for specific ticket classes. Passengers need to be aware of these factors when considering changes to their travel plans. In some scenarios, the airline may not impose change fees even if the change is requested on the same date of departure if you hold premium flight tickets. The same day flight Change rule is welcomed by Delta, but passengers holding refundable tickets are gaining more flexibility as compared to others.

How much does Delta charge as Flight Change Fees?

The charges for rescheduling a flight with Delta Airlines depend on the type of ticket, the moment of rescheduling, and the destination. Familiarizing yourself with these charges is a must to effectively navigate the change process while getting you a proper chance to save more on your flight booking value.

Non-refundable fare holders may incur fees ranging from USD 0 to USD 400 plus taxes, depending on the flight type. However, the charges will vary based on the fare types you hold and the booking mode you prefer.

Refundable fare holders may not need to pay Delta Flight Change Fees; however, they may incur additional charges or fees depending on the fare type, date of travel, and booking mode. In some cases, the airline will charge USD 25 or more as service fees in addition to other charges.

Wrapping Up

Delta Airlines remains committed to providing a seamless experience, even in challenging situations where passengers need to change their flight dates. The airline offers a variety of services to help passengers manage their travel plans, including 24/7 customer service, last-minute flight changes, and a range of other helpful services. The airline is dedicated to ensuring that passengers have a stress-free travel experience even if they need to make changes on the same day of departure. To solve your queries regarding flight change requests, use the Delta Flight Change Phone Number based on your country.

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