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Welcome to Globeflytrips! Your use of our website and engagement with our services signifies your agreement to abide by the following terms and conditions· Please read them carefully before proceeding· If you do not agree with these terms, kindly refrain from using our website·

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Your interaction with globeflytrips·com signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein· While no registration is required to access the wealth of information, services, and products available on our platform, we do request that you conduct yourself in a manner that does not disrupt or impede the functionality of our site·

Parties Involved:

Throughout these terms, references to "We," "Us," "Our," and "Ours" pertain explicitly to Globeflytrips and its dedicated team members· Conversely, when we refer to "Your," "Yours," "You," or "Customer," we are addressing individuals who are utilizing Globeflytrips to access information, book flights, or engage in any related activities·

Air Travel Guidelines:

Fares displayed on our website are subject to the rules, regulations, and restrictions set forth by the airlines with which we are affiliated· It is important to note that Globeflytrips, along with its partner airlines, reserves the right to make alterations to flight schedules and routes as necessary· Our commitment is to provide you, our valued customer, with accurate and detailed information regarding flight prices and any special features associated with your travel plans·

Prohibited Activities

In order to ensure fair and ethical practices within our community, we strictly prohibit certain activities· This includes but is not limited to purchasing tickets with no intention of utilizing various travel segments or violating airline restrictions, such as hidden destinations or back-to-back ticketing·

Copyright Protection

At Globeflytrips, we hold intellectual property rights and copyright laws in high regard· Any unauthorized use or reproduction of our content for personal gain is strictly forbidden· Please be aware that all elements of the Globeflytrips website are safeguarded by trademarks and copyrights·

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Our website may feature links to third-party websites for informational purposes· It is important to note that Globeflytrips does not endorse or promote any specific third-party websites· We advise all users to carefully review the terms of use of these external sites before accessing them·

Copyright Infringement

At Globeflytrips, we take copyright infringement seriously· If you believe that your copyrighted content has been used without authorization on our website, please do not hesitate to email us with the necessary details· We are committed to promptly addressing all legitimate claims of copyright violation·

In the context of Globeflytrips' Terms and Conditions, copyright infringement could include:

  • Reproducing or copying copyrighted content from the Globeflytrips website without permission·
  • Distributing copyrighted material obtained from Globeflytrips without authorization·
  • Displaying copyrighted images, text, or other content from Globeflytrips on another website or platform without proper attribution or permission·
  • Modifying or adapting copyrighted content from Globeflytrips without the copyright owner's consent·
  • Using Globeflytrips' trademarks or logos without permission in a way that could cause confusion or misrepresentation·
  • Any other unauthorized use of copyrighted material owned by Globeflytrips or its affiliated partners·

If an individual or entity engages in any of the above activities without proper authorization, it constitutes copyright infringement· Globeflytrips takes copyright infringement seriously and encourages individuals to report any suspected instances of infringement promptly·

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