Yes. Aeromexico values passenger satisfaction above all else. When you plan your journey with this Mexican airline, you welcome flexibility and comfort. Through the Aeromexico Change Flight policy, the airline tries to help every passenger who is unsure about their journey. The airline allows passengers to reschedule their flights till the date of departure, and if you hold a premium fare, you are eligible for free change. You can make penalty-free changes to flight dates by holding flexible fare classes. Learn more about the change clause of Aeromexico with us.

How to Change or Reschedule a Flight on Aeromexico?

The Mexican airline allows passengers to make changes to their itinerary through its website, mobile app, customer service number, helpdesk, and official centers. Passengers are free to choose the flight method based on their preference. Changes can be made whenever they want, as the airline operates its services throughout the year. Have a brief look at the process and choose the best method according to your requirements.

Online Method

Changing flights without leaving your comfort can be achievable with online methods. You simply need to visit the Aeromexico official website or launch the mobile app and complete the user identification. Once you are done with authentication, execute the following steps:

  • On the homepage, look for the manage my trip option and select it.
  • Enter the Aeromexico booking code with the last name of the passenger.
  • Select the journey to initiate the process.
  • Make changes as per your requirements.
  • Pay applicable charges(if any).
  • The system will determine the prompt.
  • You will secure your new booking on the registered email ID.

Offline Method

Passengers who feel comfortable with in-person support and use the offline channels to submit flight change requests with Aeromexico. For this, they need to contact the customer service team through the hotline or visit the nearest official center. Once they enjoy a firm connection, they will need to implement these inclined steps:

  • Start the conversation by explaining the reason behind your request.
  • Share the booking code with your family name; it will help the agent to retrieve your reservation.
  • The team will check the nature of the booking and implement changes on your behalf.
  • They may refuse your request if you have basic or any unqualified fare.
  • Next, you may need to pay Aeromexico Change Flight Fees based on fare category, country, and reason.
  • The agent will act on your request once they receive the applicable payments.
  • At last, you will get your new booking and save it for future transactions.

Remember, if you are making a flight change request on the same day of departure, the airline may evaluate the condition of your fare and based on availability will process your request.

How much does Aeromexico charge for flight change requests?

The airline does allow you to make changes to your schedule for free; however, once you pass the risk-free period or do not hold flexible tickets, you will need to pay a certain amount as change flight charges of Aeromexico. Continue to discover more:

  • Passengers flying with Basic Fare will need to make new bookings as they do not qualify for change. The airline does not entertain change requests made for standard or basic fare tickets.
  • Changes are allowed to Classic, AM Plus, and Premier One Fares. The airline will charge them up to 5,400 MXN plus applicable taxes. Passengers may need to inform the airline about the changes in advance.
  • Premier Fare does allow you to enjoy extra legroom. However, if you are making changes or rescheduling your flight, the airline will charge up to 3,600 MXN plus taxes for each passenger.
  • For domestic routes, the airline will charge up to 1,000 MXN and other taxes depending on two factors
    • Time of request
    • Reason behind flight change

Special Notes:

The airline may make changes to its fee structure without prior notice. We advise you to contact the airline representative using any Aeromexico Customer Service Phone Numbers based on your location. They will help you to find the best and most accurate information about the change in flight date charges of Aeromexico.

How to save booking value from flight change charges?

No one wishes to lose their hard-earned money to Aeromexico Change Flight Fees, especially when the changes need to be made due to grief, health concerns, or any uncertainties. To overcome such insecurities, you must reserve your seats with Flexible Classic Fare, Flexible AM Plus Fare, Flexible Premier Fare, Flexible Premier Light Fare, and Flexible Premier One Fare. As these fare tiers qualify for penalty-free change and cancellation, you will enjoy peace and freedom from Aeromexico Flight Change costs.

The other way to save yourself from paying a change fee is by contacting the customer service team during a risk-free period. In some countries, the airline provides a 24-hour risk-free period to make changes to flight schedules for free. However, your booking date needs to be seven or more days from departure to qualify for this. The airline may not charge any additional fees even to basic fare holders if they are making changes within 24 hours of reservation.

What is the change flight provision implemented by Aeromexico for other fare classes?

Are you one who is looking for a solution to your concern: “Can I change my Aeromexico flight?” The airline promotes a flexible change policy that allows you to make changes in your schedule depending on your fare holding capacity. You have the freedom to change or reschedule your flight but with some restrictions based on the following factors:

  • Passengers traveling with basic fare will save huge on booking charges; however, all savings will prevent them from using premium seats, flight change flexibility, and other facilities.
  • According to the Aeromexico Flight Change Policy, Classic, AM Plus, Premier, Premier Light, and Premier One Fare holders will gain access to flight change service but with applicable charges.
  • Passengers failing to board their flight on time will need to pay a portion of booking fees as no-show fees, which will be calculated based on source country, destination, fare class, and time of request.

Who is eligible for penalty-free flight change with Aeromexico?

Passengers holding flexible fare classes such as Flexible Premier Light Fare, Flexible AM Plus Fare, Flexible Classic Fare, Flexible Premier Fare, and Flexible Premier One Fare are eligible for penalty-free changes. They are allowed to change their flight dates with Aeromexico till the day of departure. However, the Aeromexico Change Flight Policy does not allow any type of changes in schedule to passengers with basic fares.


The airline does have a flexible change policy and offers one of the finest yet simple methods to manage your bookings. However, to enjoy your fruit on your farm, you will need to act promptly. You will need to contact the airline directly if you are looking to have accurate and updated information on the change flight clause. Once you are well acquainted with the Aeromexico Flight Change policy, you can make more informed decisions and save yourself from paying unnecessary charges.

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