When you travel, unexpected situations occur that cause you to change your booking. Understanding this, Alaska Airlines has a policy in the best interest of its passengers. With Alaska Airlines Change Flight approach, you can easily modify your trips.

So, read on below and know how to change your flight reservations with the airline easily. Also, learn about the policy, same-day changes, fees, etc.

What is Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy?

To keep things streamlined, the airline has some guidelines. Here are Alaska Airlines flight change policy highlights -

  • You need not pay a change fee for Main and First Class fares.
  • Pay the flight fare difference between the original and new bookings.
  • The airline doesn’t allow Saver fares to change.
  • Change or cancel your booking before your flight’s scheduled departure to receive a travel credit.
  • According to the airline’s no-show policy, change or cancel your tickets before the flight’s departure to receive future travel credit.

Does Alaska Airlines Have a 24-hour Change Policy?

Yes, you can change your Alaska Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking.

How Can I Change Alaska Airlines Flight?

To change Alaska Air flight times or dates, cancel an existing reservation, check your trip details, or change seats, you have to -

Please note

  • For changes, use your confirmation code.
  • To apply the value of an unused ticket towards a new reservation, use your e-ticket number.

What are the Alaska Air Flight Change Options?

Change your booking by modifying dates, times, and cities. Alternatively, use one trip’s value for another booking. Now, let’s go through Alaska flight change approaches for different fare types -

Main or First Class fare

  • Retrieve the reservation.
  • Select your flight to make changes.
  • Pick a new flight.
  • Confirm changes.

The airline emails you the change confirmation.

Companion fares

  • Find your booking.
  • Select "make changes to this trip".
  • The companion discount applies to new flights.
  • Select the flights to change.
  • Pick new flights.
  • Finalize the change(s).

Partner award bookings

You can change different bookings made with partner awards without fee.

Group reservations

Call the airline’s groups desk at 1-800-445-4435 to change a group booking.

Please note

Check the price difference or due credit for Main or First Class and Companion fares.

What is the Alaska Airlines flight change fee?

Alaska Airlines doesn’t charge you with a change flight fee, but you must pay the flight fare difference.

Does Alaska Allow Same Day Flight Changes?

Yes, the same day flight change is allowed with Alaska Airlines and you can switch flights according to seat availability.

However, keep the following in mind while making same-day flight changes -

  • Request a same-day confirmed flight change during your flight’s check-in window.
  • You can also request this modification at an airport kiosk.
  • Your new flight must depart on the same calendar day as the original departure.

You can also contact the airline via call or at the airport.

What is the Same-day confirmed flight change Fee?

The Alaska same day flight change fee on flights within California costs $25. You must pay the same amount for same-day confirmed changes on flights between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Seattle and Portland, and Seattle and Spokane.

Charges for the same-day confirmed changes for other flights are $50.

Alaska Booking Changes with EasyBiz

EasyBiz is the airline’s business travel portal that helps travelers manage their trips easily. You can change a reservation from either of the below -

  • The "Change" link on a reservation confirmation page
  • The "View/change" link on the EasyBiz home page

With this portal, you can change or cancel a non-refundable Alaska flight ticket. Save the unused value as a credit in your company's EasyBiz Wallet. Thereafter -

  • Use the credit for future trips on Alaska or Horizon.
  • EasyBiz notifies your company before 30 to 90 days of the credit expiry date.

No other Alaska and Horizon ticket outlets allow you such flexibility and value for your company's travel dollars.

Please note

Tickets purchased or held through EasyBiz must be changed, held, or viewed through the EasyBiz site.

Bottom Line

Simply put, changing your confirmed Alaska Airlines flight reservation is a breeze. Follow the Alaska Airlines Change Flight guidelines and avoid hassles. Count on the customer-friendly of the airline for booking modifications and you will be good to go. So worry not, if you have to change your flight with the airline. Its flexibility will help you. Do you need to change your booking with the airline? Proceed with the stress-free approach today!

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