Choose your comfort by selecting your seats with Emirates. You do not need to hustle, as the Emirates Seat Selection policy allows every passenger to purchase a seat according to their needs and budget. Select the perfect one that suits your comfort; you can make changes to your existing seats by paying applicable fees, which eventually gets you the best outcome for your air journey.

How to Select Seats on Emirates Airlines?

Seat Selection with Emirates Airlines can be done with better efficiency if you are executing the steps discussed here. You can choose your seat at the time of the initial booking or after the final reservation using the manage trip option. Passengers who wish to add seats after the final reservation have four official method


  • Visit the Emirates website and tap on the manage booking button.
  • Enter passenger details with booking information to retrieve your booking.
  • Select the booking and tap on the seat selection tab.
  • Choose your favorite seat.
  • Pay applicable fees and gain access to your desired seat quite comfortably.

Mobile App

  • Launch the mobile app and tap on the Manage My Booking tab.
  • Input booking confirmation code with family’s last name.
  • Tap on the retrieve my booking tab.
  • Pay the applicable fees, and you will secure your booking with new seats.

Customer Service Number

  • Dial the customer service number based on your location.
  • Listen to the IVR command and get connected to the available travel agent.
  • They will act on your request and select a seat as per your preference.
  • The agent will submit the Emirates Seat Selection form on your behalf; you can also ask the team to reserve seats in the Economy class cabin.
  • Pay all associated charges to secure your preferred seat without any hassle.

Airport Counter

  • Reach the center and fill out the seat selection form.
  • You will need to use the booking confirmation code with the passenger’s last name.
  • Pay Emirates Seat Selection Fees from the available options and secure your favorite seat quite easily.

Is seat selection available with Emirates?

Yes. Emirates Airlines allows passengers to select their preferred seat and upgrade their seating arrangements whenever they wish. If you are willing to pay more for comfort and luxury, you can upgrade to Business Class seats. Emirates Airlines promotes a variety of in-flight entertainment and dining options to make your flight journey more pleasurable. With the Emirates Seat Selection program, you have full access to the seat map, and you can add seats to your booking till the day of departure.

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What type of seats are available on Emirates Flights?

Emirates Airlines allows passengers to Choose Seats with any fare type and flight routes. They enable passengers to select seats as per their comfort; passengers have multiple options to choose from, such as

Window Seats

  • Passengers usually strive to reserve window seats in order to take in the beautiful vistas. It is great for them since they can watch the hummingbird dance while sitting in their seats.

Aisle Seats

  • Passengers can try aisle seats to enjoy more freedom in the craft. These seats are a welcome change for passengers who need to access restrooms more often. Use the Emirates Flight Seat Map and select the best seat according to your budget and preference.

Extra Legroom Seats

  • Who does not love extra legroom? Everyone is ready to pay a premium to grab extra legroom seats, which offer extra legroom for a more comfortable flight journey.

Flat Bed Seats

  • Business and first-class passengers have access to flatbed seats, one of the most comfortable seating arrangements available on a plane. These premium seats will elevate your flying experience and help you have the most comfortable flight journey.

Preferred seat

  • These seats are found on the front and upper deck corners on some flights. They have more than sufficient space for passengers, helping them enhance their flight experience.

Twin seat

  • On certain flights, the airline provides twin seating configurations. In which just two chairs are arranged next to each other, as opposed to three in a traditional sitting configuration. You have two options: a window or an aisle seat with no intermediate seats.

Exit Seats

  • Passengers who want extra legroom and comfort at reasonable prices can choose exit seats. These seats are available on all major air fleets and offer more comfort without charging more on your wallets.

How to upgrade seats on Emirates Airlines?

You can fly with Emirates Airlines quite comfortably. To do this, you simply need a booking reference number and the passenger’s last name. To upgrade your seats, you need a valid ticket with Emirates. The airline allows seat upgrades from Economy to Business class by charging applicable fees and taxes. The Emirates seat upgrade cost will be added to your booking; it ranges from USD 300 to USD 2000 plus taxes. However, depending on the flight route, time, and fare class, you may need to pay more. You can upgrade your seats whenever you want till the date of departure.

Who qualifies for Free Seat Upgrades on Emirates?

When you travel with Emirates Airlines, you can expect a leisurely vacation. The airline allows you to select your favorite seat based on your preferences. Grab the best deals and choose the perfect seat to fly with your loved ones. You do not need to hassle much as the airline offers free seating arrangements to loyalty program members, premium fare class holders, Skywards members, and some credit card levels. You may gain access to free seat upgrades if the airline fails to deliver flight service due to air traffic and overbooking. Choose the best available seats and enhance your comfort level.

How much does Emirates charge for each Seat Selection?

Emirates allows seat selection for free. Passengers traveling with business class saver, flex, premium economy, and flex fare plus may gain access to free seats. However, the airline charges seat fees based on flight type and routes. If you are not selecting a seat, the airline will offer you seats, but you may need to make some adjustments as the airline will assign seats based on validity. The chances of seating together are very low, and you may need to make specific arrangements. You will need to pay up to USD 350 or more to select your preferred seat. The airline will entertain seating arrangements till the same day of departure, so whenever you change your mind, you can choose seats quite comfortably.

Wrapping Up

Emirates seat selection is available to all passengers who hold valid tickets. The airline will charge a seat selection fee based on the fare type you hold and the destination you choose to fly. You must choose the seat according to your preference, as it allows you to elevate your flying experience. The airline may offer seat upgrades for free if they fail to deliver the promised flying experience. Connect with the customer service team for a quick response and get the best service according to your needs.