If you made any errors in your name initials at the time of reservation, you will need to correct them before reaching the departure terminal. Unlike others, KLM understands errors can happen anytime due to multiple uncertainties. To assist you and help you out in situations where you may need to drop a flight booking due to naming errors, the airline has rules that allow you to submit the KLM Name Change form effortlessly.

How Do You Make Changes or Corrections to the Passenger's Name?

KLM allows changing the name on the ticket if the error is caused by a system malfunction or the passenger fails to type the correct name. Before making corrections, you must realize that KLM will not entertain requests to transfer ticket ownership. You can correct your or your passenger's original tickets, but changing your full name or adding a new name is prohibited. Let's discover the ways by which you can make proper corrections:

With Website/Mobile App

  • Open KLM Airlines official website or mobile app.
  • Look for the Manage My Trip tab on the homepage.
  • Select it and input all required details, such as family name and booking code, to access your desired journey.
  • Next, you must find and select the passenger whose name you need to modify.
  • Locate the Edit tab and add the passengers' correct initials. The name’s character should be similar to the passport ID.
  • Submit associated documents such as a passport or any government-approved ID.
  • The system will start the validation process and ask you to make the required payments.
  • Depending on the fare holding, you may be required to pay KLM Name Change Fees.
  • Once the airline receives the payment, the system will automatically generate your new e-tickets with corrections.

With Customer Service Number

  • Use the official hotline according to your country and follow the IVR prompts to get connected with the available representative.
  • Ask the agent to help you correct your name. The agent will check the KLM Name Change guidelines for your booking. If your ticket qualifies for change, you will receive confirmation from them.
  • The agent will make corrections to your name characters; make sure to spell them correctly.
  • You may need to submit supporting documents such as a passport, visa, or any government-approved ID.
  • The agent will verify the document and ask you to make the required payment(if any).
  • Pay the associated charges to receive a new e-ticket with the correct names on your registered email address.

With Live Chat

  • Launch the mobile application or visit the Contact Us section on the official website.
  • Look for the Chat icon; generally, it is placed at the bottom right corner of the site.
  • A new window will appear on your screen. Select live person assistance to contact the concerned team.
  • The system will act on your prompt and allow you to reach an available representative, who will greet you and ask about your concerns.
  • Specify your reason for “name correction” and request the agent to do what is needed.
  • The agent will perform a name modification process by following your instructions. They might request that you submit the KLM Change Passenger Name form along with relevant documents to help you correct the name.
  • Submit all supportive documents, pay the asked charges(if any), and you will correct the typing error confidently.

By visiting the Airline center/ dedicated office

  • If you need in-person assistance, mark your presence at the nearest local airport or KLM office.
  • The agent will ask you to submit a name change form with supportive documents. Make sure you enter the exact character of your name as it appears on approved documents.
  • You will receive a new ticket with the correct name at the desk once the agent approves your request.

Before initiating the name change or correction request, you need to follow the KLM Name Change Policy, which will help you save resources.

Why do you need to correct your name before boarding?

The error can happen to anyone; however, corrections are needed if you are willing to travel with KLM flights. Without correction, your ticket will be termed void, and you will not be allowed to board your respective flight. The correct naming of passengers helps the airline to authenticate passengers' details. Correct naming helps airlines to upgrade passengers' safety and comfort.

How much is it to change the name on a KLM flight?

The airline is committed to offering you the best experience possible. If you make any typing errors in your name, you can correct them without incurring additional fees. The changes need to be made within the stipulated time. You won’t need to spare any penny as KLM Flight Name Change Cost is zero for fare categories and routes. In case you are boarding with a partnered airline then you will need to act promptly and submit the Change name on KLM ticket request at least 72 hours before your scheduled departure time. Contact the team when you notice the typo; it will help the airline correct the error immediately. You do not need additional charges to correct typing mistakes on all eligible routes; however, changing the full name or transferring the ticket to a new person is impossible with KLM.

What are the conditions where KLM does not need a name correction?

Passengers must correct their names as per government-approved IDs; however, in multiple circumstances, KLM Airlines may allow passengers to board the flight without correction.

  • You have more than one first name, but the booking shows only one first name. The system will check, and if the displayed name is identical to any first name, you will be allowed to board.
  • The booking shows the maiden or family name; however, you must share your passport to confirm the same.
  • You are allowed to board the KLM flights if your booking shows the same character as your passport name but without space between them.


KLM allows everyone to correct their name. However, depending on the flight, fare, and routes, you will need to submit the request up to three days before departure. The airline gives everyone a chance to rectify typing errors for free. Correct it if you are willing to fly with them. If you enter the departure airport without correction, the airline will forfeit the entire fare under the no-show clause.

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