Everyone wishes to discover a place where they can relate to happiness, joy, pleasure, and time with their loved ones. However, making group bookings is identical to rocking on a pyramid. To address your concern, Qatar Airways has created a group booking service that allows millions to explore a wonderland with friends and family. The airline values passengers’ emotions and to meet their expectations, they introduced the Qatar Airways Group Booking facility to all irrespective of their fare categories.

How to Submit the Group Travel Form to Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers an excellent opportunity to have fun with family and friends. The airline accepts group travel forms through the airport desk, customer service number, and booking center. You can use this service for business retreats, team gatherings, and planned vacations. While booking an itinerary for more than ten members, you must prepare them through the Qatar Airways reservation team.


To take advantage of discounted pricing without making compromises on comfort, you will need to execute the following steps:

  • Reach the nearest Qatar Airways office.
  • Speak to the available agent and share requested information, such as the group size and personal details.
  • After determining availability, the agent will review and act on your request.
  • You must mention all booking passenger names in one go to enhance your chance of being seated together.
  • The agent will do what is needed once you make the applicable payments.


You can take advantage of group booking without reaching the nearest center. Here are the steps you need to execute:

  • Simply be on the official website of Qatar Airways and find the “Request a group quote” option.
  • On the page, fill out the form and specify who you are.
  • Input the required information, review it, and submit the request by tapping the “Next” tab.
  • The system will record your interest and an available agent will contact you to complete the reservation process.

How can you gain cheap flight deals on group bookings with Qatar Airways?

You must make phone bookings by communicating with the customer service department. Thanks to Qatar Airways' exclusivity feature, you can enjoy your comfort and get the desired result on your terms. Here are ways to reserve seats for your group within your budget.

Early Planning

  • When you plan your journey early, you open the gate to secure considerable booking charges. The program also allows you to get the desired seat at competitive pricing.

Efficient Execution

  • Reserve the best available; you won’t need to bother when you plan group bookings with better execution. The airline allows you to choose the best without discounting comfort.

Loyalty Programs

  • Passengers holding frequent flyer memberships will enhance their chances of sitting together at no or minimal fees. In addition to discounts on group booking fees, they are entitled to multiple complementary services such as Wi-Fi, lounge access, extra baggage, beverages, etc.

Special Fare

  • Qatar Airways offers special fares for some exclusive routes. Contact the designated team for details about hidden, exclusive, and special deals. Before connecting with the team, ensure you carry all required documents, as these deals need to be secured as soon as possible.

Extensive Research

  • When you book with a dedicated travel representative, the airline will save you more on booking charges. Thanks to their extensive research, they may even find deals hidden from large sections. You can reach the team at the toll-free number XX X X XX.

Why plan your Group Booking with Qatar Airways?

Reserving tickets for more than nine people is never a task of melody if you are not planning your journey with Qatar Airways. They are one of the few airlines working hard and changing their service tier to assist passengers traveling with their lovable surroundings. The airline will secure a place in your heart due to the following:

Save more on comfort

  • You do not need to hit the ground as the airline offers booking services over the call. You need to contact the reservation team, who will secure your desired seat while respecting your terms and conditions.

Competitive Pricing

  • There is no need to explain why to pay hidden charges. You won't need to spare time on hefty charges when you submit the Qatar Airways Group Booking request form directly from the dedicated channels. The airline is executing transparency and helping you fly with your group without any hurdles regarding booking charges.

Flexibility to Change

  • You can change your schedule until you board your departure flight. The airline welcomes changes until the same day of departure, helping you make necessary changes based on your preferences. However, you must pay additional charges, including Qatar Airways Group Bookings Fees and applicable taxes.

Carry more happiness

  • The airline allows you to travel with your desired companion while giving you access to numerous benefits including an extra checked baggage allowance on some specific routes. For detailed information, contact the Qatar Airways customer service team. They will help you find the best one for your requirements.

Round the Clock Support

  • You need not worry about your travel concerns related to group bookings. Qatar Airways offers 24/7 customer support over the phone, helping you efficiently solve your worries related to flight bookings.


Qatar Airways offers a group booking service for passengers who want to travel with their friends and family. The airline provides competitive pricing and flexible change facilities on all eligible routes, making it your best companion. With proper planning, early booking, and contacting travel agents, you can stand against the odds and travel with your friends.