Passengers who are planning to fly with Southwest Airlines need to understand their seat selection clause. Your seat configuration plays a major role in deciding the comfort level you own. Learn about the Southwest seat selection and enhance your chances to get the best seat on the plane.

How to select seats on Southwest Airlines?

By flying with them, you are encouraging your savings as you do not need to pay Southwest Seat Selection fees. Put your reading glasses on and scroll down to find steps that will help you to select your journey. Don’t need to be an eager beaver, as the steps are easy to execute with minimum effort:

  • Dial customer service and follow the IVR command to get connected with the team.
  • Ask the team to entitle you to the early bird program.
  • Pay the required charges and gain access to the priority boarding service.
  • The service will help you to skip the check-in process and complete the boarding in priority before others.

Can I pick seats on Southwest?

Yes. Southwest Airlines does allow specific fare classes to select their seats. However, they mostly serve as an open seating policy; with them, you do not need to submit a form. The airline says seat selection on Southwest Airlines flights depends on how soon you board the flight. Passengers boarding in Group A or with business select fare have the opportunity to seize the best available seats.

What ways are available to get the best seat on Southwest Airlines flights?

Southwest Airlines follows a different seat policy, which means the passengers who submit seat selections first are not guaranteed to be served first. They will get seats after completing the boarding process at the check-in counter. Southwest offers a seat selection service in a group format. Once you complete the check-in process, the airline will assign you a boarding group from A, B, or C and allow you the opportunity to choose the available seat from 1 to 60 or more based on flight seating configuration. The best way to secure desired seats is:

  • Initiate the check-in process at least 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure, which gives you a golden opportunity to grab your preferred seats.
  • Purchase early check-in as it allows you to complete the check-in process before the general window. Early bird check-in will get you a seat of your preference, as you are completing the check-in process at least 12 hours before others.
  • Plan your journey with a premium fare like Business Select. It is Southwest Airlines' highest-tier service, helping passengers board the flight first and get their desired seat with less effort. 
  • Try your luck in booking the first flight of the day. This flight has much less occupancy, so your chances will increase.
  • The Southwest Seat Selection service is promoted as complementary to passengers holding elite status. On most flights, they get a chance to board first from others which eventually increases their chances of securing the best seat available on the plane.
  • Passengers traveling with children under the age of 6 also get a chance to board the flight earlier than others. As they board between Groups A and B, getting the best seat and sitting together can’t be guaranteed, but the airline will try to get the child seated with at least one elder.

How to find vacant seats on a Southwest flight?

The airline does not guarantee seat selection to everyone before boarding, however, passengers can check the available seats on Southwest flights. To find out the number of seats available on a plane, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Log on to the Southwest Airlines official site.
  • Search for the number of your boarding flight.
  • You will be redirected to a new page having information on seat mapping.
  • Go through it to search the vacant and occupied seats.

Notes: The seat vacancy may change; connecting with the airline in advance will help you to be updated before boarding.

How much do Southwest Airlines charge for seat selection?

Passengers may paint the town red, as Southwest Airlines will not charge seat selection fees. However, every red is not cherry; as you are not paying any selection fees, your chances of getting your desired seat are minimal. To increase your chances, opt for the Early Bird check-in service by paying applicable fees; the charges start from USD 15 plus taxes. Group A, rapid rewards, and business select members may get boarding positions ahead of others. It enhances their chances of getting the best seating option as they have more options available to choose from. For some locations, the airline also has special rates for making seat selection a feasible task.

Note: Southwest Airlines may make changes in their seat selection fee structure. Connect with the team for proper authorization. Contact them individually to have accurate information.

What are Seating Arrangements Available with Southwest?

All seats are equally created with love, dignity, hope, and passion, as the airline believes seat arrangements create an environment where passengers feel comfortable. So, mostly, you never find any difficulty in seating arrangements with Southwest; however, getting the best seat must plan your journey with Business Select. They are the ones who board flights through the priority check-in counter, helping passengers to enjoy their spirit. Other fare classes operated by Southwest Airlines are:

  • Anytime
  • Wanna Get Away+
  • Wanna Get Away

Each seating tier has special benefits; to understand those, contact the customer service team. The team will assist you in getting the best value for your money.

Special Seating Arrangements

Southwest believes everyone has the right to fly. The airline does not discriminate in fare tier for passengers with disabilities. In some locations, they are allowed to board flights even before Group A, which helps them get a comfortable seat. Through this seating arrangement, the airline ensures passengers get the best experience during their journey. However, passengers traveling with a disability may not get exit seats (for security protocol) and window seats in some locations(for better accessibility and safety).

Wrapping up

Unlike others, Southwest's seat selection service has many perks, one of which is the flexibility to choose a seat without burning your hard-earned money. Pay a nominal amount to join the Early Bird Program and save yourself from the hectic boarding procedure. Once you get the chance to board the flight first from others, seize the opportunity to choose the best available seat according to your liking. If you have any queries, consult the dedicated team to solve your travel related concerns.

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