Flight changes are common these days and so are the approaches to help you in such situations. Understanding this fact, United Airlines covers its passengers with a smart change flight approach. So count on United Airlines change flight service when you are flying with it and have to change your reservation.

Designed in the best interest of its passengers, the flight change policy provides enough flexibility. Thereby you can change your reservation as and when required, mostly without any charges.

So, walk through the account that follows and know about changing your booking with the airline.

Can You Change Your Flight with United Airlines?

Yes, United Airlines allows you a flight change as and when required. Thanks to its flexible approach to modifying bookings. Moreover, you can also make same-day switches as per your eligibility. Alternatively, standby is available to help you grab seats on the next available flight.

How Can I Change a United Airlines Flight Booking?

If you have to change your flight with United Airlines, select from any of the methods mentioned below -

On the Official Website or Mobile App

Via Phone Call

Call the United Airlines phone number to change your flight. However, you might have to pay a fee for it.

  • Dial 1-800-864-8331.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • A live representative gets connected.
  • Request a flight change.
  • Share the required travel details.

Through Kiosk

Visit the nearest airport and go to a kiosk or talk to an agent there to change your booking.

Please note

  • If your flight is scheduled after more than a day, you can change it or fly on standby for free.
  • Your new flight must take off within 24 hours before or after your originally scheduled flight.
  • The new bookings must be on flights that are operated by United or United Express.
  • Make sure that your departure and arrival airports are the same as teh original reservation.

What is the United Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Before changing your reservation with the airline, understand its guidelines. So, go through the United Airlines flight change policy highlights below -

  • The destination you are flying to and your ticket type determine the flight change fee.
  • For Economy, Economy Plus, First, Business, and United Premium Plus fares, you need not pay any change fee.
  • Basic economy tickets are non-changeable and nonrefundable.
  • The airline doesn’t charge change fees on international and domestic flights originating in the U.S.
  • For new bookings that are more expensive than the original one, the flight fare difference applies. The airline refunds you if your new flight is cheaper than the initial one.

Does United Airlines Have a 24-hour Flight Change Policy?

Yes, the United Airlines have a 24-hour change flight policy for changing your reservation easily and without any fee. So, you should -

  • Change your booking within 24 hours of making it.
  • Have your scheduled flight after 7 days or more

Can I Make the Same Day Changes on United Airlines Flights?

Yes, United Airlines facilitates you for a same-day flight change when required. However, it is according to your membership type -

Premier Membership

Premier membership holders can get the next flight for free. If your original travel class selected is not available, pay the flight fare difference.

Other Travelers

All other travelers can get a flight available within the next 24 hours of their flight scheduled initially. You may have to pay a price difference even if the same cabin is available. Talk to an agent an hour before your flight’s departure to confirm that your bags are on the new plane.

Does United Charge Fees for Flight Change?

No, you need not pay a change fee. The airline allows you to modify your reservation as many times as required. But a difference in fare applies. However, if you are traveling in an Economy, Economy Plus, or a premium cabin, change flight fees are waived for -

  • Flights between the U.S. and the Caribbean
  • Domestic flights within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Flights between the U.S. and Mexico
  • International flights originating in the U.S.

The table below makes flight change fees clearer -

Ticket TypesFee Charged
Basic EconomyChange not allowed




Can United Airlines Change My Flight?

Yes, the airline can change your flight as it modifies its flight schedules. If the updated flight route, arrival time, or departure time doesn’t suit you, rebook or raise a refund request.

For a better idea, scroll down -

Schedule change notifications

  • The airline notifies you of the schedule changes if you have made reservations directly with it.
  • Go to My Trips to track changes made to your booking.

Rebook your flight

  • For schedule changes by more than 30 minutes, book another United or United Express flight for free.
  • Your new flight must leave from the same airport within 24 hours of your original flight time.

You can also chat with the airline or call the United Customer Contact Center for information.


Request a refund if -

  • There are significant changes in your departure or arrival times or
  • You can’t get a seat in the same cabin as your original booking

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can easily go for a United Airlines change flight if your travel plans undergo any changes. Make sure to stick to the guidelines mentioned above. Most of the time, you have to pay only the flight fare difference for changes.

For any assistance, the customer service team of the airline is just a call away. So, do you have to change your reservation with the airline? Follow the customer-friendly guidelines and follow the streamlined process for a smooth experience.

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