Are you planning to fly with Volaris? Great choice! Make sure to select seats onboard. Thanks to Volaris seat selection approach, you can secure the best seat for your journey. Pick window seats for views around, extra legroom for more comfortable seating, or aisle ones for quick access.

So, walk through the information that follows. And know about the Volaris seat selection methods, fees, seat types, and more.

How to Select Your Seat on Volaris Flights?

When flying with Volaris, you can select seats easily. The airline allows you to pick your spots onboard via Volaris' website or mobile app. Use any of the following methods to choose seats at your convenience -

More Speed Combo

Add this combo while booking your trip. You can use the combo for seat selection except for those in the first row and emergency exits.

When Booking

The best way to select seats is while making reservations. Pay the charges as applicable for the seats chosen.

My Trips

Have you already booked your trip and want to choose seats? Simply go to the My Trips section, grab seats, and pay the fees as required.

Smart Tips for Volaris Seat Selection

To help you make the most of Volaris Airlines seat selection, here are some great ideas -

  • Book Early - Secure your preferred seat by booking early.
  • Find the options available - Check the seat map during booking and pick seats as available.
  • Get Upgrades: You can up your seating experience board by going for upgrades to preferred or premium seats.
  • Special Requirements: If you have specific needs such as disability or traveling with infants, contact the airline in advance for assistance.

Does Volaris Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, you have to pay the Volaris seat selection fee to fly on your favorite seats. However, the airline charges seat selection cost per passenger for a one-way trip. The cost varies as per the seat type and flight route.

Here are the seat selection fees according to your seat type -

Seat TypesPre-Flight ChargesFees at the Airport
First Row Seat$24.99 - $27.99$30

Quick Seat

(Rows 2 to 5)

$17.99 - $20.99$30

Extra Space Seat

(Emergency exit seat)

$19.99 - $22.99$30

Front Seat

(From the sixth row up to the last row before

the first Emergency Exit)

Web: $13.99 - $15.99

Call Center: $13


Regular Seat

(First back section)

Web: $10.99 - $13.99

Call Center: $13


Back Seat

(Second back section)

Web: $9.99 - $12.99 

Call Center: $13



Please note

Check the charges while booking to know if any are updated.

What Happens If You Don't Select a Seat with Volaris?

With Volaris, you might get a free seat if you skip the selection in advance. The airline assigns you seats at no additional cost during check-in. However, this random seat allocation might allow you to be seated with your travel companions.

So avoid uncertainty and select your seat while booking or after that at the earliest possible.

What are Volaris Seat Selection Options?

When flying with Volaris Airline, you have several seat selection options to choose from:

Standard Seats

  • Select your favorite seat and avoid the middle one.
  • These are basic seats that all travelers can pick from.
  • Located throughout the cabin.

More Space

  • These are emergency exit seats that offer comfort with extra space.
  • Purchase these seats for a fee.
  • Located in exit rows

Premium Seats

  • Seats on row 1, with extra space
  • Quick exit upon arrival at your destination
  • Get maximum comfort and amenities.
  • Located at the front part of the cabin.
  • Get it for an additional fee.


  • These are comfortable seats in rows 2 to 5.
  • The seats allow you to be the first to exit upon arriving at your destination.
  • Available for fees.

Can I Choose Volaris Exit Row Seats?

Yes, you can select exit row seats on Volaris Airlines if you can assist the cabin crew in case of an emergency. However, the airline doesn’t allow some passengers for safety reasons. These passengers are -

  • Pregnant women
  • Those flying with  babies or pets
  • Minors under 15
  • Those suffering from any medical conditions
  • Disabled travelers (having visual, speech, cognitive, auditory, etc. disability)

In Conclusion

Therefore, with a Volaris seat selection, you can enhance your overall travel experience significantly. Grab your seat in advance for peace of mind and sit with your travel companion. As getting your most preferred seats is a luxury that is paid, know the price of choosing seats. Also, understand how not selecting seats impacts your journey.

For more information, contact the airline’s customer service team. So, plan ahead, consider your preferences, and enjoy your flight trip with Volaris!

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