Everyone has a preference when it comes to seats. Westjet Airlines understands this and helps travel enthusiasts like you explore the wonderland with your preferred seating arrangements. You get a chance to select your seats without any limitations, thanks to Westjet Airlines Seat Selection Service. You can count on them as this seat selection service makes your journey more pleasurable. However, you may need to encounter some shortcomings while choosing your favorite seats. So, continue with us to understand the seating arrangements of WestJet Airlines and enhance your chances of being seated with your desired travel companion.

How to Select Seats on Westjet Flights?

You are free to choose your seat when booking; if you wish, you can do so after booking confirmation. The process is simple to implement; however, you must consider reviewing them.

At the time of booking

Online bookings

  • Launch the app or Westjet website.
  • Enter booking credentials as per the displayed field.
  • Review input and tap on the Next tab.
  • Select a seat that fits your comfort and fare class.
  • Pay Westjet Seat Selection Fees to secure your booking.
  • You will receive confirmation mail on your registered IDs.

Offline bookings

  • Connect to the booking department over the phone or reach the nearest center.
  • Fill out the booking form (at the booking center) or ask the agent to complete the required field (if connected over the phone) on your behalf.
  • While submitting the booking request, ask the agent to check the availability of the preferred seat.
  • The agent will check the availability, and if your booking is eligible for the Westjet Airlines Seat Selection service, you will secure them on your registered IDs.

After bookings

Online bookings

  • Use the mobile app or website and visit the Manage My Trip section.
  • Enter booking credentials such as booking code and passenger’s family name to retrieve the booking.
  • Select the booking and tap on the Continue tab.
  • Next, select your preferred seat from the seat map.
  • Pay applicable charges to secure your booking.

Offline bookings

  • Reach the nearest center, or you can get in touch with the customer service agent over the phone.
  • Listen to their command and share all requested information, such as booking code and passenger’s family name.
  • The agent will retrieve your ongoing or future booking and help you to select your preferred seat.

How does Westjet Seat Selection work?

Every passenger knows that when they do not initiate the seat selection process, the airline assigns a random seat at the check-in counter. Some like such arrangements as they do not come with additional fees; on the downside, many hate these randomly assigned seats as they affect their comfort level. For passengers who think flying is not only a medium to access the world but also a medium to explore luxury, the airline promotes the Westjet Seat Selection service. Through this service, you have the freedom to choose the best seat as per your preferences and requirements.

What types of seats are available under the seat selection service of Westjet Airlines?

Westjet Airlines allows passengers to select seats according to their convenience on most serviceable routes. They charge a small fee to assign your preferred seats. However, you must act like thunder during the booking process to grab your favorite spots onboard. When you go for a select selection process at the time of booking, you enhance your chances of getting the best set at a more competitive price. The airline has multiple seating arrangements, some of which are discussed here.

Standard Seat

  • Passengers who are looking to travel on a budget prefer standard seats. These seats value savings over comfort, allowing you to save more while minimizing comfort.
  • Standard seats do have benefits like
    • They are cheap
    • Saves your resources

Preferred Seat

  • To own extra legroom at a competitive price, passengers select a preferred seat over a standard one.
  • These seats are placed at the front of the economy cabin on some serviceable flights. Many choose them because they allow them to exit the aircraft early at the destination point.

Exit row Seat

  • You must book an exit-row seat if you want more legroom than your preferred seat.
  • The airline may allow you to board first, which enhances your chances of accessing the overhead bin and putting your belongings in it.

Window Seat

  • Catch the vibe of the dancing sky by opting for a window seat under the Westjet Seat Selection program. You may need to pay as compared to other available seating options.
  • Many prefer it, so you will need to act as prominently as possible. The earliest you request, the better your chances of seizing the best viewing seats.

Who qualifies for the complimentary seating option?

Business Fare, BusinessFlex Fare, Premium Fare, and PremiumFlex Fare

  • If you are willing to pay for luxury, always opt for the Business Fare, BusinessFlex Fare, Premium Fare, and PremiumFlex Fare. These are the best seating options available with Westjet Airlines.
  • You will find luxury, premium amenities, inflight entertainment, flat beds, extra legroom seats, beverages, and many other services as complimentary.
  • With premium fare, you get various complimentary seating options, such as standard, exit row, and preferred seats.

EconoFlex Fare

  • Passengers who love the complimentary seating option but do not wish to pay the premium can choose EconoFlex Fare. With this, the cost of selecting a standard seat is nil.

How much do I need to pay for seizing my preferred seat?

When selecting seats on Westjet flights, you must pay up to 250 CAD as Westjet seat selection fees. You might have the flexibility to upgrade your seat on the same day of departure; however, the airline will charge a significant amount additionally. Premium cabin holders do not need to pay for any seat selection, while Basic and Econo fare holders will need to spend between 5 CAD to 250 CAD plus applicable taxes, depending on the seat type they booked. To discover more accurate and updated information, you will need to communicate with Westjet customer service.

For specific routes, families on the same booking can be seated together for free. However, each passenger must pay applicable charges to select the desired seat.


We understand everyone loves to be seated in their preferred seat. So, we urge every one of you to act promptly as many desired seats, such as aisle and window seats, get filled quickly. You can book your seat through the website or mobile or by contacting customer service. Reach out to them in advance and get the best seating per your requirements and budget.

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