Yes. Aeromexico is one of the few and finest airlines that believes everyone has the right to secure their dream seating configuration. The airline allows complimentary seat selection for passengers traveling with First Class or any flexible fares. On the other hand, passengers traveling with Basic Economy fare will need to pay applicable charges to gain access to the Aeromexico Seat Selection service. They also allow passengers to expand their leg comfort by promoting exit seats on all major serviceable routes.

How to select seats on Aeromexico?

Why compromise on seating? Choose the best seat according to your preference. Aeromexico charges a nominal seat selection fee on your account. To get your favorite seat, you will need to submit the Aeromexico Seat Selection form at least 24 hours before departure. The sooner you make a request, the more chances you have of getting your favorite seat. You can request seat selection through the website, mobile app, customer service number, airport desk, or by visiting the nearest Aeromexico service center.

Get the right boarding position by selecting your seat with Aeromexico.

At the time of booking

As soon as you request seat selection, your chances of owning your preferred seat increase. If you make a seat selection request by implementing the steps presented here, you can get your favorite seat much more conveniently.

Online (Website or Mobile App)

  • Choose the platform as per your compatibility.
  • Log on to the Aeromexico official website.
  • Search the flight by mentioning the departure city, arrival city, date of journey, trip type, number of passengers, and any required field.
  • Choose the flight and fare class respecting your budget.
  • Expand the Fare Family option and select Main Cabin or Premier Cabin seats, which will give you access to a free seating arrangement.
  • Click on the Next or Continue tab.
  • Fill out the reservation form following the on-screen command.
  • Pay applicable charges to confirm your flight bookings.

Offline (Over the call or at the reservation center)

  • Reach the reservation team by using the appropriate method.
  • Ask the team to initiate the booking procedure on your behalf.
  • Share all applicable information related to your journey.
  • The agent will fill out the form and submit it on your behalf.
  • Ask the agent to select AM Plus or Premier seats for luxury.
  • If you are flying on a low budget, prefer the Classic seat over the Basic seat, as it offers a free standard seating option.

After booking

If you forget to add seats at the time of initial booking, do it now to minimize hassle. Select a seat to enhance your comfort and fly with confidence. Aeromexico offers three official methods to help you select seats after the reservation process.

Via web check-in

  • Be on the official website and tap on the Manage My Trip option.
  • Enter booking credentials to select the trip.
  • Tap on the seat selection option.
  • Choose your preferred seat.
  • Make the required payment.

Calling customer service number

  • Connect with the Aeromexico customer service team.
  • Share your booking credentials.
  • The agent will check the seat selection rule to determine whether your Aeromexico booking qualifies for seat selection or not.
  • If your booking qualifies for seat selection, the agent will act on your request and select a seat for your account.
  • Confirm selection to receive mail on registered IDs.

At the check-in gate

  • Reach the departure center.
  • Show your tickets to the dedicated team.
  • They will complete the check-in process for you.
  • Ask your preference, and if requested seats are available, you will secure them on your itinerary.

Does Aeromexico charge for seat selection?

  • Basic economy passengers may need to pay a fee to initiate the seat selection process; the Aeromexico Seat Selection Cost will be calculated based on the time of request, mode of reservation, seating class, and other factors.
  • Passengers holding Flexible AM Plus, Flexible Premier Light, Flexible Premier, Flexible Premier One, and Flexible Classic Fare are eligible for Aeromexico Free Seat Selection service. They can make one or multiple changes in their seating configuration without paying any additional charges. 

How much does Aeromexico charge for seat selection with basic economy fare?

Aeromexico’s Basic Fare Seat Selection process is slightly different. The airline tries to offer random seats with adequate seating areas and basic legroom. It is the cheapest fare available with Aeromexico so you may encounter some compromises concerning comfort. If you are looking to fly with more confidence and a decent level of convenience, then always select AM plus seating. The airline treats them as premium economy seats; they are much upgraded from basic seats, and you do not need to pay for seat selection.

Note: If you made the payment but your seats were not assigned, the airline will offer you a free seat and refund your seat selection fees.

What seating options are available with Aeromexico?

With Aeromexico, passengers are allowed to select their preferred seat. They have multiple options to choose from. The airline will enable them to pick seats as per their comfort degree. They can choose a fully reclined seat or standard seat based on their comfort, budget, and preference. However, the fare will increase depending on the seating configuration you choose for your service. Let’s discover them in brief:

Premier Class

Aermexico’s First Class or Premium Class cabin comes with a recliner, in-flight entertainment system, spacious legroom, complimentary beverages, priority check-in, premium lounge access, and many other amenities. These are the best seats available to fly with Aeromexico; however, they are slightly more expensive than other seating options.

How to upgrade to Premier Class?

You will need to bid for Premier Class. For this, you will need to

  • Visit the travel information page on the official website and mark your presence at the seat and cabin section.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Bid Now tab.
  • Fill out the form mentioning the reservation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Select your journey and follow the on-screen commands to submit your request to upgrade your seat to the Premium Class of Aeromexico.

AM Plus Seat

How about getting a seat closer to the sky? Choose Aeromexico's AM Plus Seat option, and you can select a window or aisle seat in the main cabin with decent legroom. These seats are available at affordable rates, as the airline treats them as premium economy, so you can rely on their comfort level. With preferred seats, the airline does not offer comfort. Enjoy your extra legroom, priority check-in, complimentary services, and wait for your turn to fly.

Preferred Seats

If you are looking to add luxury under budget, always try to submit the Aeromexico Seat Selection for preferred seats. You can select window or aisle seats at much more affordable prices, making it equally good for comfort and your finances. Speak to customer service for immediate assistance and a clear picture of seat selection charges.


Aeromexico has made the necessary changes in its seat selection procedure to guide passengers to a new theme of comfort. They are adding a premium seating option on all serviceable flights, allowing passengers to select their comfort breadth. You can pay applicable charges to own the power to select seats on Aeromexico flights. If you are not on a tidy budget, consider booking premier cabin seats, as they offer ultimate comfort over all other fare classes.

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