Life is beautiful when you explore vacation destinations with your friends and family. Traveling solo will leave you feeling like something is missing, but group travel helps you redefine every aspect of life. Plan your group booking by submitting the American Airlines Group Travel request and easily save more on your booking fees. To discover more about group booking, continue with our well-researched guide.

What is American Airlines Group Travel and how is it special?

American Airlines permits group booking on all fare types. It is specially designed to protect the minds of passengers flying with children and seniors, helping passengers travel in groups. Through this program, the airline allows groups to enjoy flexible payment options, special pricing, priority boarding, dedicated assistance, and baggage handling based on destination, fare class, membership status, and many other factors. To make travel planning easier for groups traveling for meetings, solo respite, family vacation, education, or any other purpose, the airline employs a dedicated helping individual managing their joy. The most satisfactory part of American Airlines' group travel program is that it offers personalized service and support to each group. They work hard to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all members.

How to book flights for a large group with American Airlines?

Group booking is a task for Hercules, but if you are booking with American Airlines then your job is as simple as lime and moisture. Simply choose a preferred channel, we have discussed both, and execute the steps presented here:

  • To finalize your group travel with American Airlines, you will need to reach the designated team by using 800-221-2255, 800-433-1790, or any other number based on your location.
  • Follow the steps illustrated by the system and choose the appropriate key to get connected with the team managing group booking.
  • Share the requested information and ask the agent to finalize the booking on your behalf. The team will check all available and exclusive deals to get you the best economical flight bargains.
  • Before making payment, you need to check the quote and the number of passengers included. If you make the wrong group booking, you may lose your money due to the non-refundable clause.

“You can also write an email mentioning your concern to the group booking department at [email protected].”

What is a group block on American Airlines?

The airline allows groups traveling with ten or more passengers to block their reservation for a specific timeline. To benefit passengers comfort, American Airlines promotes its Group Travel services in two categories:

  • Air Only Fares
  • Zone Fares

Air Only Fares

  • American Airlines guarantees fares for groups of 10 or more looking to travel together from multiple origins to one destination.
  • The Air Only fare allows you to block space for 11 months before scheduled departure, offering you the flexibility to choose when you are looking to explore with your team.
  • It is best for corporate meetings as it allows a team to fly to a specific destination from one or more source cities as per their meeting schedule.
  • If you need to change one member from the team or group 48 hours before departure, it can be done easily as Air Only Fares offers one free name change per ticket.
  • Changes are welcome on inward flights with added flexibility; however, you must submit a change request within the specified window(6 days).
  • No commitment is needed; you are allowed to book Air Only Fares without mentioning the passenger. However, you will need to mention each passenger’s name closer to departure.
  • The American Airlines Group Travel program helps passengers traveling with Air Only Fares to any destination mentioned in the oneworld® destination list.

 Zone Fares

  • It is best for groups who want refundable offerings.
  • Zone Fares helps you block space over 330 days prior to departure.
  • Mention the name of each passenger at your will.
  • The airline presents the opportunity to travel on flights originating from
    • Canada or the United States to North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, or the Pacific.
  • You are allowed to make one name change for free, but it must be made at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Automatic seat selection is made to ensure your safety and comfort at the time of final reservation.

How to get a group rate on American Airlines flights?

The airline understands the uncertainty in plans and also guides passengers to the best available deals. You can request quotes to get information on exclusive group rates by American Airlines. To do so, you need to be quick and execute the steps discussed here:

  • Be on the official website of American Airlines.
  • Mark your presence on the Group & Meeting Travel page.
  • Look for the Request a Group Rate tab and select it.
  • Mention all important fields with passenger and booking information.
  • Next, share contact details; it will help the team get in touch with you and share exceptional deals.
  • Before submitting your request, be mindful of mentioning the special message you may have for the team.
  • The team will contact you within business hours and help you to secure the best experience for your entire group.

Does a group of 9 people qualify to sit together by American Airlines?

Yes. When you enroll in a group booking, you also have the opportunity to have fun with your group. If you make requests within the stipulated time frame, you have a higher chance of getting your preferred seats. Your group travel experience will be enhanced as the airline will allow you some special amenities at selected airports. To enjoy being seated together, always request a seat at the time of booking. It is a crucial feature for passengers traveling with friends, families, or children under the age of 12.

How do I board with the group before anyone else on the American Airlines flights?

American Airlines under the Group Travel program allows passengers to check in bulk and before anyone else. To do this, they need to be a member of the AAdvantage loyalty program. Enroll in the American Airlines loyalty program and earn loyalty points to be upgraded to groups 1 to 4. The membership level will ensure that you will board ahead of everyone else. The higher your group status, the costlier your experience will be. The team of experts will guide you through the booking process and help you find the best one for your requirements. The airline believes in the “First Come, First Serve” principle, so you need to act quickly to reserve the best for your group travel.


People who love finding new species with their friends will appreciate the American Airlines Group Travel program. It helps passengers stay in touch with their favorite human being at any point. You will find a group traveling like a secret essence connecting thousands of souls to their replicas. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the team today and plan your group journey with them at your convenience.

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