Qatar Airways allows passengers to make multiple changes in their itinerary based on fare and flight type. They understand that travel plans may be impacted at times due to various complexities or mishaps. If you are required to make changes in the itinerary, consider learning the Qatar Airways Change Flight clause to undertake better.

Is the flight change facility available with Qatar Airways?

Yes. The airline offers a flexible and convenient change flight provision, helping travel enthusiasts make multiple changes in the scheduled itinerary based on fare and flight type. The airline tries to cover all consequences that may destroy your travel plans. You can avail more information about the flight changes by contacting the team through the Qatar Airways flight change number. If your booking does not qualify for free change, you may need to bear change flight fees based on the fare and flight type you hold. You can make flight change requests till the same day of departure.

How do I request a Flight Change on My Qatar Airways Flight?

Are you worried about making changes to your Qatar Airways itinerary? Don’t be sad. The airline allows changes through two modes: online and Offline. Qatar Airways gives passengers full freedom to choose the flight method that suits them best. The changes need to be within the stipulated time frame, and if your booking does not qualify for change, make sure to cancel it and create a new reservation on the same itinerary.

Online Booking Change Method

Changing flights through the Qatar Airways website and mobile app allows you to achieve the desired result without any hustle. The steps are easy to implement and can be done by anyone of any age group with little technical knowledge. Let's execute the steps wisely:

  • Login to your Qatar Airways account.
  • On the homepage, tap on the Qatar Manage/Check-in option.
  • Under it, select the Manage booking option.
  • Enter the booking reference code and last name in the respective field.
  • Check the input before tapping on the Retrieve button.
  • Access your booking to select a specified flight journey.
  • Make all applicable changes as per your requirements.
  • At last, from the available payment mode, choose one to pay Qatar Airways flight change fees.

Offline Booking Change Method

Before executing the steps discussed here, you must note that the Qatar Airways Change Flight policy for offline method states passengers may need to pay service fees in addition to other associated charges.

You can make flight changes offline by contacting the customer service team. You can reach them through their hotline number or by visiting the nearest service center. It is the best way to make the required changes as you won’t need to make any hard effort. The assigned team will work on your prompt to generate a satisfactory result.

  • Speak to the team and ask them to submit the Qatar Airways flight change form on your behalf.
  • To do this, the agent will ask you to share the booking number with the family's last name.
  • The agent will review fare conditions, and if your booking qualifies for change, they will make the necessary changes to it.
  • In the end, you will need to pay the applicable charges to get a confirmation mail from Qatar Airlines.

Learn the Exceptions Clause of Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

When you request a flight change with Qatar Airways, the airline will review the change flight policy for your respective booking class. If your booking qualifies for a change flight procedure, the airline will allow you to skip paying change flight fees. The airline does allow passengers to make free flight change requests if the changes are made within 24 hours of booking.

Free change or risk-free period allows both refundable and non-refundable tickets to make suitable changes without incurring any additional charges. Once the risk-free period ends, the airline will charge change fees based on

  • Type of changes requested
  • Mode of request
  • Flight type
  • Time duration from flight departure
  • Fare Category

How much does Qatar Airways Charge for Flight Changes?

Qatar Airways does allow free changes to passengers traveling with Business Elite, Economy Comfort, Economy Convenience, Economy Classic, and First Elite Fare. However, a number of free changes will differ based on the fare type you hold and the flying destination. Business Elite and First Elite Fare holders enjoy more flexibility compared to others. They can make unlimited changes to their scheduled itinerary. However, contacting airline officials is beneficial as you will discover new and updated information on Qatar Airways change flight fees. Passengers who hold bookings with no or limited changes need to pay up to USD 250 plus taxes as change charges. The airline will also charge USD 25 additional applicable charges if you are requesting modifications through offline channels.


The Qatar Airways flight change policy applies to all booking forms. Passengers can make a change request even if they hold basic standard or non-refundable tickets, which makes Qatar Airways a lovable airline compared to its competitors. The airline is pledged to offer flexibility to all booking classes, and whenever you encounter any difficulty, contact the customer service team for immediate assistance.

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