Changing flights with Westjet allows you to make specific alterations to your itinerary based on your requirements.  Westjet offers various options to change flights, such as online, by phone, or in person. You may be eligible for flight credits or other discounts if your flight is changed or canceled by the airline. Before requesting change always prefer to have a better understanding of the Westjet change flight policy as it will make the process like shooting fish in a barrel.

How to Change Flights on Scheduled Westjet Tickets?

You can initiate a flight change request with Westjet by contacting customer support, using the mobile app, or visiting the official website. All three methods are available and open to all, irrespective of fare holdings. The airline will process your request after you submit it and pay the associated fees. Let's discover more about the flight change process with Westjet.

Via Official Website

When you Change Flights via Westjet Online channels, you have access to convenience. You do not need to appear physically or spend time with travel agents. Simply follow the mentioned command, and you will succeed in changing your flight date. The online flight change process also helps you save money on service fees.

  • Be on the Westjet official website.
  • Visit the Manage Flight section by tapping on the Manage Trips option.
  • Input reservation code and last name.
  • The system will retrieve your booking.
  • Access the specified booking and select the modify tab.
  • Make necessary changes to the itinerary.
  • Share all supportive documents.
  • The system will ask you to confirm the response.
  • Pay Westjet Change Flight Fees from available modes.
  • Once the payment is received by the airline, you will gain access to the new and updated itinerary.

Via Phone Calls

Passengers who are not comfortable with the online process need to communicate with the agent over the phone call. For this, the passenger needs to be attentive during the call and properly follow the instructions guided by assigned travel representatives. To reach them, execute the following steps:

  • Dial the customer service number as per your location.
  • Select the appropriate option by listening to the IVR command.
  • Check with the travel agent and ask them to submit the Westjet Change Flight form.
  • The agent will check the eligibility, and if your booking qualifies for a flight change date with WestJet, they will act on your request.
  • The changes will be made to your scheduled itinerary, once you make payment of applicable fees.
  • You can pay all or part of the change flight fees through a debit or credit card.

All Important Clause related to WestJet Flight Change Policy

By understanding the WestJet flight change policy, you get a chance to interact with clauses that may assist you during flight change or itinerary modification. Once you are familiar with the flight change clause of Westjet, you can make a firm decision and save your bucks from change fees. It also assists you in serving peace of mind.

  • The airline's changes will result in a full refund, accommodation, or travel credit for future travel. Credit can be transferred with certain limitations for some flight types and routes.
  • Changes requested within 24 hours of reservation and seven days away from departure date qualify for free change.
  • Passengers holding basic fares do not qualify for change. If they need to make changes to the itinerary, they need to make new bookings.
  • Econo Flex, PremiumFlex, and BusinessFlex passengers qualify for free change; however, it is solely dependent on when they made their first booking and flight routes. They may need to pay the fare difference plus applicable taxes additionally.

How much does WestJet charge for Flight Change?

Changes will attract fees depending on multiple criteria such as booking date, change date, reason to change, mode of request, type of changes, and many more. WestJet Airlines charges a Flight Change Fee of CAD 118 for any changes made after the booking is confirmed. For changes made within 24 hours of booking, the fee will not be imposed on the passenger account. The change cost applies to all booking types, and you must pay change fees per trip and passenger when paying the ticket difference.

Flight Bookings requested on or after September 1, 2022




Flight within Canada100 to 118 CADNo fee100 to 118 CAD100 to 118 CAD

Flight between Canada and all serviceable destinations

(except Asia and Europe)

100 to 118 CADNo fee100 to 118 CAD100 to 118 CAD
Flight between Europe and Canada 150 to 177 CADNo fee300 to 354 CAD500 to 590 CAD

Flight between Asia and Canada 

(excluding South Korea)

150 to 177 CADNo fee300 to 354 CAD500 to 590 CAD

Flight Bookings requested on or after April 1, 2024




Flight between South Korea and Canada (departing outside South Korea)150 to 177 CADNo fee

300 to 354 CAD

300,000 KRW

500 to 590 CAD

500,000 KRW

Flight between South Korea and Canada (departing from South Korea)100,000 KRW100,000 KRW50,000 KRW270,000 KRW

Flight Bookings requested on or before March 31, 2024




Flight between South Korea and Canada 150 to 177 CADNo fee

300 to 354 CAD

300,000 KRW

500 to 590 CAD

500,000 KRW

Clause associated with Same-day Change Request

The best news for the passengers is they can submit the Westjet Flight Change form two hours before departure.  Passengers will be charged an additional fee if they fail to change or cancel their flight within two hours of departure. The cost varies depending on the type of flight and the destination. Passengers can also contact the Westjet Customer Service team for assistance. By allowing same-day change, the airline tries to offer flexibility to passengers and help them make required changes to their itinerary.  Changes can only be applied:

  • The new flight needs to operate from the same departure and airport city.
  • If there are changes in the cabin, you will need to pay fare differences.
  • EconoFlex, PremiumFlex, and BusinessFlex members can save some portion on change fees.


Changing flights with WestJet Airlines is a breeze if you implement the steps discussed above. Changes can be easily done with premium and flex tickets. Communicate with them to solve your concern immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my WestJet flight?

Yes. WestJet allows passengers to change scheduled flights by paying applicable fees. However, passengers traveling with a basic fare are not allowed to change their flights.

How long does WestJet accept flight changes?

The airline accepts flight changes till the date of departure. Passengers may also need to pay additional fees for fare differences and applicable taxes. The WestJet Change Flight fee varies depending on the type of flight and the fare class.

Can I change my Westjet flight date?

Yes. You are allowed to change your flight departure date by paying Westjet Change Flight Date fees based on when and how you are making changes, fare types, flight routes, and membership status.

What is the cost of changing a flight with WestJet Airlines?

The airline will accept free modifications if done during the risk-free period; if customers exceed the authorized time, passengers must pay change costs. Any changes made after the risk-free period may incur additional fees of up to CAD 590.